Bach Ma national park was established on July 15th 1991 with the natural area of 22.031 hectares. The climate here has similar with Da Lat, Sa Pa, Tam Dao; however, Bach Ma is near to the beach so that temperature in the winter is not under 40C and the highest temperature in the summer is not excess 260C. The climate of Bach Ma is appreciated as one of the most comfortable climate zone in the range of Indochina mountains.

Location: Bach Ma national park belongs to Phu Loc commune, Nam Dong commune, Thua Thien Hue province. It is far about 60 kilometers from Hue city to the South.

Characteristic: Bach Ma national park has wonderful natural view and fresh air.

Bach Ma mount has a height of 1.450 meters; it is far about 10 kilometers from the coast. On the way to Bach Ma mount, tourists can enjoy the immense beauty, the majestic mountain until Cau Hai lagoon, Tu Hien, Chan May near the Coast of East Sea.

Bach Ma national park has beautiful scenery and fresh air. This is the most important resources eco-tourism of Bach Ma area. Coming to Bach Ma national park, tourist will have opportunities explore mysterious nature such as: Tri Sao trail, Do Quyen trail, Ngu ho trail, Hai Vong Dai trail. Tourists can see the collapsed house which was built by Granit with ancient France architecture in the top of mountain. The French engineer Mr.Girard built in 1932 as the resort in the pristine nature. Here, there have two ancient villas of the French on the top of Bach Ma in order to welcome tourists.

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